Presentation Tips

For The Presenters

·      Please do your homework!

·      First, talk to the organization you wish to support, preferably the director or president.

·      Get a commitment from them that they will NOT add us individually to their donor list or any other solicitation.

·      Gather all facts and statistics you can share with the group. We want to make an educated decision. Remember you only have 5 minutes to present and another 5 minutes to answer questions.

·      Presentations are NOT to include multi-media e.g. PowerPoint slides. Rather, come prepared to speak from the heart. Handouts are acceptable.

·      Verify that the charity is not financially supported or affiliated with a national group. It can however, receive federal, state, and/or city dollars. All dollars must remain in the metro area.

·      If this is a worthy cause instead of a charity is it still tax deductible? If the charity/cause is NOT tax-deductible you must inform the group during your presentation and before a vote is cast.

·      Come prepared! You are responsible for our member’s donations.